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The SP Amplifier is a Hungarian manufactury where everything happens at the same place from the designing to the manufacturing. Our aim was to build a tube guitar amp without any compromise. Our team including musicians, sound engeneers, and mechanicians, with dozen years of experience, had an idea to build our own amp. What’s the difference between the SP and the „other” amps?

First of all: WE DON’T MAKE CLONES! We built an amp with: grand dynamics, fine EQ, new character, low noise, new technical solutions, and last but not least, with newer used practical services.

So this is the SP Amplifier. The SP has an amplifier in the 60's vintage sound, on the other hand, meets the requirements of modern high-gain amplifier as well. All tube, hand wired with 1st class components and custom-built transformers. Pre tubes are 12AX7’s, and 6L6 gives the power.
Parts control: „Check it twice - make it nice!”.

All SP Amplifier can be tested in our showroom or at our partners.



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